What is Barter and what are the aspects of Adorning Barter?

Barter is a trading system in which goods or services are exchanged without any financial medium but are exchanged for other goods or services. This is a distinguished form of trading that doesn’t involve money but is highly beneficial for the individuals and companies! Bartering is highly beneficial for the countries that lack to deal with currency in exchange of goods and services. Barter is an amazing replacement for money that is widely helpful for different countries at the time of monetary crisis. This trading theme is not adorned in current times but it dates back to the era when the currency was way out from the date of its invention! Construction skills are often heavily traded even though this is taken for granted within that community of practioners.

Barter trading system is revisited!

The barter system is the old method of exchanging goods and services that are being continued from centuries. With technical developments, bartering has revisited in a sophisticated way which is being adorned widely on the Internet. Bartering has gained global popularity, unlike the ancient civilization that used to be confined to a specific area. The most impressive feature of the bartering system is, the value of the goods and services is negotiable and both the traders can finalize the value with mutual discussion. Barter trading is held through the online auctions as well as swap markets.

Barter trading and its various aspects

As per the traditional forms of barter, this form of trading is commonly found in the communities having a developed form of market. Barter trading of any goods or services is done by the individuals or the companies accounting the huge amount of any specific goods which is exchanged with individuals fulfilling similar aspects but with other goods. Having similar interest of barter trading, the deal is concluded. Barter trading builds a personal relationship apart from the professional trading relationship. The limitations of barter trading are the limitations of exchanging goods or services with the persons who need those.

It could be hard to find such persons who are interested in barter trading. There are certain barter groups and barter websites from where persons interested in barter trading enroll their names as well as goods and services they have. The complication with barter trading is in determining, how much trustworthy is the person or company one is dealing with. Without having any proof or certification and without consumer protection you may not guarantee the goods and services. One may be exchanged with goods of poor or defective quality. This indeed is a matter to get concerned about!

Barter is highly flexible which is a golden opportunity indeed!

Flexibility in barter trading is the best appreciable objective. Barter trading offers an amazing opportunity for parties who don’t wish to spend money but are willing to exchange goods or services. Tax is also applicable for barter trading. Barter transactions must be reported as the reports for money transactions are reported. This accounts that if the transaction is profitable then one need to pay the tax as appropriate and if the transaction goes in loss then it would be highlighted as a loss. Barter and trade do show both sides of a single coin. It certainly depends upon your interest.

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The Finest Personal Stylist NYC Has To Offer

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Want an excellent personal stylist NYC is home to?

There is never a wrong time to go out and find a great stylist. This is your chance to see someone trained, courteous, and downright professional. Your style is essential, and it has to come from a professional’s point of view.

To guarantee a great look that is going to be ideal for your needs, it is time to go with the most beautiful personal stylist in all of NYC.

This is the ultimate stylish and is going to offer seamless results that are breathtaking.


It is the robust solutions that do the most for clients, and this is a stylist that gets it.

Don’t settle for an inferior outfit because it is not going to cut it. The reason to go with the best stylist is that you know the value will be there.

Customized Experience

The experience is customized based on your personality and what you are coming into the process with.

No one should leave with a look that is unappealing or doesn’t match what they’re after. Keep it simple and go with a trusted stylist.


Yes, going to a personal stylist is all about having a bit of fun with your overall style.

Don’t be afraid to go to someone that is ready to build a relationship with you and understand your personality. This is how you’re able to exude confidence with your style and get it to pop a little bit more.

Make sure to go with a personal stylist NYC has to offer and know you are going to get a real deal.

This is your chance to make sure the stylist is out of this world and is going to be an experience that is worthwhile.

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Best Trade Ever, The ” SEO Expert “

Since my site is all about trade, I am always looking to avoid paying for any kind of service if I can avoid it. Call me cheap but I consider that monicker a compliment. LOL.

I was hoping to rank my website higher for a couple of search terms so I could start running a few ads or something to raise some cash. Oh god,  I said that 4 letter word CASH.

Anyway, the quest began to figure out how the hell this whole search ranking thing works. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the D.I.Y. route wasn’t going to cut it so my “ how to trade “ radar kicked in and I set out to find some sucker to help me out in my quest.  Just kidding about the sucker thing Tom, it’s just my way of having fun.

I mention Tom because that’s the name of the fellow I sequestered to make a trade for services. Thus, this article is born. Consider this a blatant plug for him and his website, as there will be a couple of shamelessly placed links to him in this article to hold up my end of the bargain.  It’s only fair, mind you, considering the help I got from the guy and his company Green Genie SEO. Tom can be found at this Facebook page and at this Youtube channel.

Actually, I found Tom to be a real wealth of knowledge. He was keenly able to articulate his knowledge of online search and what he told me actually made a lot of sense. The one myth he dispelled for me was the myth that “ content is king”. He said, “ think about it, most business websites are static entities which people put up as a digital billboard….are we to penalize them in the search results because they don’t waste energy filling up the blogosphere with inane garbage like most websites.”

Seems to make sense to me. He also talked about building out a huge “ social fortress” as he called it. Think about how much credibility social sites have due to all the traffic they get. Makes sense to surround your web property with lots of these for several reasons. Not the least of which it seems like a natural thing to do when you start a website and it gives your main site links back which help its ranking.

He talked about citations, and article directories and a number of other ways to get clean links. Links, he said, are imperative to ranking high difficulty search terms and then I don’t remember anything after that. It all started to get too heady and weird for me. Suffice it to say I trust in a pro to do the stuff I don’t understand so I will leave that to him. Tom calls himself a Toronto SEO Expert. I don’t have much experience to judge if he is truly an expert but he knew some stuff that sounds pretty heavy duty to me so I guess I will have to take him at his word. We will see what he can do for me in the days to come.

Admittedly I feel like I got the best of this deal since all I had to do was write this article. I say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Tom seemed to be a very giving person and I couldn’t get the guy off the phone once I started the rip cord in the middle of his back. Just kidding again buddy. You really did enlighten me.

Anyway, if you are looking for someone to help you and your business with its online presence, take the time to give Tom Gustar a call at 905-233-2488. If nothing else the guy will show you what it takes to compete online. He provides really good video audits of your website and online ranking situation and if nothing else you could probably use some of that info yourself if you could not afford his services.

Turns out that the typical minimum cost for a search marketing campaign is $1000 a month for 4 months minimum. Turns out marketing costs money.…

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Trade and Precious Metals

I thought it would be fitting since my site is about trade, to talk about what I think may, in fact, become the most valuable item of trade in the coming years. Precious metals!

Contrarian, you ask? Obviously, do we need to even ask? So let’s get into this bit, shall we.

Gold and silver have been part of my saving and investing strategy for a number of years. Being a contrarian when it comes to economics it’s a natural extension for sure. At one point in history in the not so distant past precious metals buyers were considered tin foil hat wearing nut jobs. I’m sure I’ve been called that behind my back a few times.

No worries I’m used to that sort of thing. However, my position on the subject is slowly being vindicated by the massive numbers of people who are joining the ranks of the insane and jumping on the gold and silver bandwagon. Part of this movement is being driven by the incredible number of people talking about the subject on YouTube. Check out this video here for a very salient example of some clear thinking on the subject.

Granted, there are plenty of opinions that I don’t agree with when I scour the Internet for subject matter but there’s a lot that I do agree with. I’m not convinced that gold is going to skyrocket to $20,000 an ounce like some say. But I am convinced that at some point precious metals will become an underground trade item. It seems that historically when populations become economically oppressed the black market and trade steps in to offset some of the oppression. Gold and silver being one of the last private investment items make them at a prime candidate for underground trade.Gold Maple

If you listen to the more extreme positions on the future of our economy it’s a pretty dark scenario that they portray. I call it the Mad Max syndrome. I’m not convinced in any way shape or form that we will see a Mad Max scenario anytime soon forever for that matter. What I am convinced of is that if governments keep pushing for more and more intervention into the economic lives of ordinary people there will be a reaction. This is natural, of course. People except the necessary evil of government up to a point. But at some point, a line is crossed and people’s reaction to that is to take steps to avoid being robbed. This is where the underground economy was born in my humble opinion. It seems to be the masses natural reaction to an oppressive government.

So I’ve talked about what I don’t think will happen. Let’s talk about what I do think will happen. And in particular, as it applies to trade. I think that at some point people who have been collectors of precious metals we’ll start to use it once again as street money. If you examine a modern scenario of such a reaction one only has to look as far as Argentina. Argentina has suffered several major economic setbacks in the last three years. In each case the underground economy became the saving grace for people in need of food and other necessities. Gold and Silver became a medium of exchange once again among the Argentinian population. Community currencies were also used. In fact, at one point, Community currencies became accepted by a larger business and governments alike due to the fact that the Government currency was so unstable and over inflated.Johnson Matthey 100oz

Argentina it’s a classic case study in the reaction that human populations take when their economic stability is disturbed. People simply will not be held down below a certain standard when push comes to shove. The need for food and shelter are enough to drive people to incredible levels of survival instinct which seems to bring out human creativity in terms of economic alternatives.

Most people would say that you cannot compare the Argentinian economy to the Western world. This is demonstrative of people’s ignorance as they believe that Argentina is some backward nation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Argentina is a first world country with a first world economy. They have universities, doctors, lawyers, Business people of all types and a democratic government.…

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The Next Billion Dollar Industry: Daily Fantasy Sports

The rise of fantasy sports over the past two decades has created a new industry: Daily Fantasy Sports.

Normally, fantasy sports leagues are conducted over the course of a whole season. In the beginning of the season, approximately 12 people draft a lineup of real professional athletes. These players’ stats are then translated into points, which are used to compete against other teams. Whoever has the most “wins” at the end of the season move on to the playoffs where a winner is eventually crowned. However, injuries and trades could derail a team’s chances to make the fantasy playoffs. This is why the introduction of a Daily Fantasy Sports format is such a good idea.

Daily Fantasy Sports consists of fantasy leagues that are only for one day. The draft format is replaced by an interesting salary cap format. Players are given a certain amount of fake dollars to spend on athletes. Players have to complete a lineup while staying under the salary cap limit. This format gives players an interesting challenge and also leads to many different strategies. Players are given many options to what leagues they can enter. The daily format is so successful because players aren’t affected by injuries as they would be if they were committed to the athletes for a whole season.

There are many different types of leagues that players can enter. For newer players, 50/50 leagues offer a great chance to build a solid bankroll because you only have to place in the top 1/2 of all of the competitors of the league to win double your money. The better and higher risk players generally enter the Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) Tournaments as they give you a chance to win a great amount of money upon your initial investment. However, only about 20% of the participants win in these leagues, so they do present a risk. However, it is not a bad risk to take as you could turn $5 into $20,000 in just one day!

Fanduel and DraftKings are the two biggest companies in this ever-growing market. The industry is projected to grow to $31 billion in player entry fees by 2020. Fanduel made about $60 million in net revenue last year while handing out over $500 million in profits.

Both companies have done a tremendous job over the last 12 months to market their products. During football season, Fanduel dominated televisions and radios with their vast Ad campaigns. Below is one of their TV ads.

DraftKings took a fairly different approach. They made partnerships with the MLB and the NHL to become the official Daily Fantasy Sports game of each respective league. Everyone who watches NHL and MLB Network was well aware of DraftKings prominence in the industry. The MLB Network commentators even discuss the “top plays” for DraftKings every night.

Both Companies are trying to go public. Fanduel has raised over $88 million in equity financing since 2009 and has been valued at 1.5 billion dollars by KKR. DraftKings has raised over $250 million from The Walt Disney Co. and has a valuation of about $1 billion.

Fanduel and DraftKings are two of the industry’s giants and should continue to build over the next several years. I would suggest trying both of these platforms out.

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