Best Trade Ever, The ” SEO Expert “

Since my site is all about trade, I am always looking to avoid paying for any kind of service if I can avoid it. Call me cheap but I consider that monicker a compliment. LOL.

I was hoping to rank my website higher for a couple of search terms so I could start running a few ads or something to raise some cash. Oh god,  I said that 4 letter word CASH.

Anyway, the quest began to figure out how the hell this whole search ranking thing works. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the D.I.Y. route wasn’t going to cut it so my “ how to trade “ radar kicked in and I set out to find some sucker to help me out in my quest.  Just kidding about the sucker thing Tom, it’s just my way of having fun.

I mention Tom because that’s the name of the fellow I sequestered to make a trade for services. Thus, this article is born. Consider this a blatant plug for him and his website, as there will be a couple of shamelessly placed links to him in this article to hold up my end of the bargain.  It’s only fair, mind you, considering the help I got from the guy and his company Green Genie SEO. Tom can be found at this Facebook page and at this Youtube channel.

Actually, I found Tom to be a real wealth of knowledge. He was keenly able to articulate his knowledge of online search and what he told me actually made a lot of sense. The one myth he dispelled for me was the myth that “ content is king”. He said, “ think about it, most business websites are static entities which people put up as a digital billboard….are we to penalize them in the search results because they don’t waste energy filling up the blogosphere with inane garbage like most websites.”

Seems to make sense to me. He also talked about building out a huge “ social fortress” as he called it. Think about how much credibility social sites have due to all the traffic they get. Makes sense to surround your web property with lots of these for several reasons. Not the least of which it seems like a natural thing to do when you start a website and it gives your main site links back which help its ranking.

He talked about citations, and article directories and a number of other ways to get clean links. Links, he said, are imperative to ranking high difficulty search terms and then I don’t remember anything after that. It all started to get too heady and weird for me. Suffice it to say I trust in a pro to do the stuff I don’t understand so I will leave that to him. Tom calls himself a Toronto SEO Expert. I don’t have much experience to judge if he is truly an expert but he knew some stuff that sounds pretty heavy duty to me so I guess I will have to take him at his word. We will see what he can do for me in the days to come.

Admittedly I feel like I got the best of this deal since all I had to do was write this article. I say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Tom seemed to be a very giving person and I couldn’t get the guy off the phone once I started the rip cord in the middle of his back. Just kidding again buddy. You really did enlighten me.

Anyway, if you are looking for someone to help you and your business with its online presence, take the time to give Tom Gustar a call at 905-233-2488. If nothing else the guy will show you what it takes to compete online. He provides really good video audits of your website and online ranking situation and if nothing else you could probably use some of that info yourself if you could not afford his services.

Turns out that the typical minimum cost for a search marketing campaign is $1000 a month for 4 months minimum. Turns out marketing costs money. Who knew!

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